Our Concept


Being passionate about new technologies and having spent most of my life in sales, I always dreamt of an intimate, cosy and welcoming showroom where people could discover and enjoy the latest, most premium gems in audio and video.

Whilst visiting a store, who never had the unpleasing experience of not being able to discover “for real” an audio system praised in internet reviews? Not being given the opportunity to touch and listen to it can be frustrating. Pressed by pushy sales associates, one usually prefers to rush away, or stays and feels forced to purchase a system not necessarily fitting one’s needs and expectations.

After 20 years of experience across Europe, Asia and the US with leading audio engineering brands Bose and Devialet, I decided to launch my own showroom. My goal is to respond to your questioning and enable people to take informed decisions, in a world flooded with so many products and systems. AMS is a welcoming, warm place where you will be able to decide what suits you best in a climate of trust and in a peaceful environment.

My objective is to put you in optimal conditions so you can listen, look and even “touch” the most adequate solutions to your needs and desire.

Any questions, any doubts you need to clear? You are most welcome, with a complimentary champagne glass if you feel like it!








« We consider our customers as guests at a party where we are the hosts.
It’s our job to improve their experience a little more every day. »